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Maggi- since very long has become the staple food for every Indian hostel or at home young. It is to cook and the best part is that it is very affordable, this makes it popular. Maggi noodles come in a variety of packets, for example, the regular one, family pack and so on. Over the year its making evolved and people tried making Maggi in so many different ways. Today, I am going to show you- how you can make your Maggi in different ways to enjoy it more.

#1 Masala Maggi

Buy a packet of Maggi and start making it as usual but before doing this, make the masala. And for making masala, you need to cut an onion and a tomato. Now heat one spoon oil in a hollow utensil, then fry vegetables and put one full spoon of chicken masala or vegetable masala, then put your Maggi and water and Maggi masala. Your tasty masala Maggi is ready, Enjoy!

#2 Egg Maggi

Egg Maggi is so popular, at least once in their lifetime, all the non-vegetarians have tried it. Make your Maggi as usual and then drop an egg, whisk vigorously to get the yummiest Maggi ever.

#3 Bread Maggi

This version is a must try one, make your Maggi is usual way and place it in between two toasted slices of bread. If you want to make it cheese Maggi sandwich, put slices over it and you are good to go.

#4 Soup Maggi

OK! Now this version of Maggi is not that much easy as it looks. It is a bit tedious to make, actually, it is a desi variant. For this, you will be needed chopped vegetables (carrot, onion, corn or capsicum) and also the vegetable stock. Fry the veggies in a usual way in regular oil. Add vegetable stock, on low flame add Maggi and its masala. Cook until it is done.

#5 Tandoori Chicken Maggi

So for this, you don’t need to a chef, it is very easy to make. Get the tandoori dry chicken from the local restaurant and separate the meat from the bones. Make your Maggi is usual way, and also add a little Chicken masala in it and then add chicken. Tandoori Maggi is ready, anyone?

-Simran Bhatnagar
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