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Depression is quite common in this fast running world. Everyone stay so busy in their own chores that they forget giving attention to their loved ones, and this may result in depression. Sometimes people also get depressed when nothing is going right in their professional life. The signs of the depression are very weird, if you know the person well then only you can figure out the change, in their behavior pattern.

Sometimes it happens that people cannot figure out the problem even if they are so close to the person. But don’t worry if you are noticing some changes in your partner or any family member, match their signs with the below one and if they are really suffering from depression without wasting a minute get them the right kind of help.

Here are some subtle signs that are commonly noticed in a person who is suffering from depression.

They Will Seek Solitude

Usually a person every time finds a place where he or she can sit alone quietly. They will limit their social circle and want to be left alone. They will stop going out and partying and people in depression slowly start to isolate themselves.

They Will Face A Lot Of Fatigue

Depression is quite exhausting and its take a great amount of energy to complete their daily tasks. This is the reason that why many people in depression will seldom get out of bet to complete daily tasks in hand. Depression is the difficult phenomena to cope with and once you are trapped in its trap, every task seems like climbing a very steep hill.

They Will Lack Motivation

These people lost their motivation and good health. They start feeling low every time and you will see the signs of tardiness in your partner. Also, the people who are in depression find it difficult to wake up in the morning, as they feel bogged down with the depression and almost feel dysfunctional.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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