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Maybe you are a person who never forgets anything in her makeup or the perfectionist. Maybe you give so much attention to your every dress and never skip your daily skin care routine or maybe getting ready is something just throwing your hair into a top-not, splashing some water on your face and wearing on some lip-color.

Whatever your routine is, there are some most IMPORTANT spots that need your some attention. And these sections of your body are eye, décolletage, and nails.

If you ignore them every time and think they won’t get much attention by people, then you are wrong. They throw finishing touch to your whole makeup. Or even you are not getting ready for any event or function and you want to keep your face more natural, still, you need to pay attention to these.

Let’s together see how you can pull these areas.


Imagine, you have taken a bath in the morning, slept well at night but still, someone comments that you look tired. How does it feel? Bad, I know! But don’t worry you can get over from this situation of your eyes. If you feel your eyes are looking tired, quickly apply white and beige liner on your waterline. Days when under eye bags are just unmanageable put a spoon in the freezer and put it on the area under the eyes. This really works well, trust me!

Shoulders and Décolletage:

Have you noticed stars their collar bones and shoulders always seems glowing? Have you thought why? It is because apart from their face makeup they also give attention to other parts of their body which make them shine. Add a bit of powder highlighter or one-two drops of your illuminator on your shoulder and collar bones after applying a little bit of foundation. This will glam your neck.


Nails attracts so much attention and it is believed that they tell about your personality. Get your nails done, getting super polished and beautiful nails will make you look well- groomed. Whereas un-done nails may give the wrong impact on your personality.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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