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So we have moved all the way down to the seventh continent of the earth, the white wonder- Antarctica. Antarctica is so much adventurous in itself, so how you can be more adventurous than that? Well, there is a way to spend a night in the coldest climate over the white surface of the place.
For those people who love to go on adventurous camps and have an arm-long list to do, then this place will sure get a slot there.

The seen while standing on the white wonder:

This white land will surprise you with its seasonal beauty. From October to mid-February, you will sleep under the glow of midnight sun. But if you are visiting in the later ends of the season, in February and March, you will get the seen to see night sky with great clarity. The place is free from the light pollution, so the sky blesses you with its clear image and you get the chance to see the beauty of space (the astronomical world outside earth atmosphere).

Camping experience in Antarctica:

You can’t bring any food, drink or those fascinating dessert stolen from the dinner. Foods and drinks are not permitted on the land to avoid the spoiling the pristine wilderness. But don’t worry, you are permitted to bring water ashore, in a water bottle which will be provided on the board the ship.

If you are planning to book a camp on while traveling on the ship, then please drop the plan. As you won’t get any, because of the insurance reason, you need to book your camping needs and package in advance. There are limited campers, only 60 are allowed per departure.

Antarctica camping can be a great experience for you, don’t miss it!

-Simran Bhatnagar
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