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Lots of women live with unrequited questions or doubt about their own body. We are taught about sex education but there are many things about the female body that are never taught. We are self-have to learn all those things when we feel it or see changes in our body.

From having uneven breasts, craving sex, virginal smell to daily discharge, women often undergo things that are completely normal. But sometimes we think deeply about all these things which we have to face in our daily life.

Here are some changes mentioned below about a woman’s body that are totally normal:

1. Women desire for intercourse in the summer more

It is weird but yes, women crave sex in the summer more than they do in any other seasons due to the season’s scents.

2. Your breasts are uneven

It’s usually a small difference to be noticeable. But a woman has unequal-sized breasts. One breast is always larger than the other.

3. Your vagina to have a distinct smell

It is common for women to be self-conscious about their vaginal odor. Our vaginas have a natural scent and as long as it does not smell like rotting fish, it's perfectly fine.

4. Undergoing intercourse can be painful

Everyone’s “first time” is different. It may hurt, or feel good, or both. There might be pain and bleeding but doesn’t happen with everyone because some women have more hymenal tissue than others.

5. Woman’s clitoris grows all throughout at her life

If you think that a woman’s clitoris will stop growing after age, but it is not what happens in reality. A woman’s clitoris grows throughout their life and at all stages in their life. Even when she hits the menopause it actually becomes almost three times larger than before.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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