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There is no better way to thank your guests is gifting them with perfect wedding favors. Guests come to give you a blessing on your wedding day by investing their precious time. So, it’s your duty to treat them in a more respectful manner and make them happy.

Gone those days when hosts used to give silver or gold coins as wedding favors or sweet boxes. But now you can surprise them by gifting with more interesting gifts. And these gifts you can find easily. With the fast shipping options and affordable price, you can order such gifts from websites.

Every wedding guest will love them, we do solemnly swear.

1. Antique Bottle Openers

The Let the game of antique open begin, gift your guests these cute yet usable things because of which they will remember you.
2. Drawstring Favor Bag

These bags look so cute. At the wedding time, you can fill them either with sweets, chocolates or anything you want them to give. And after the day your guests will love them to reuse them.

3. Measure Spoon

On various grocery stores or on online websites you will find many designs of measuring spoon. These spoons are very useful while cooking and if any quote will be written on it will add spice in your gift.

4. Bubble Wand Party Favor

Blow your guests away with these Bubble wand party favor. They are so fun and will surprise your guests when the will see that the bottle is actually a bubble bottle.

5. Small bottles with cork stoppers

Write any cute message or thank them to attend the wedding in this small bottle. Guests can also reuse to store juice or water in their kitchen or fridge.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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