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Almost every day women have to face narrow-mindedness in almost everywhere in their lives, from their family homes to the office and this has crossed the limit. Since childhood, a mother and a grandmother teach their future girl generation to adjust and not-to-voice against sexism. But now with the changing society and so people’s mind is also changing.

Now more toleration and no more sexism! With this thinking, some go and raise their voice to fight against wrong. While others starting learning how to deal with things without any male’s help. And this is worth learning because you can’t stay dependent for the whole life on another person. And now this new mindset of ladies has become a part of daily life. So if you are wondering how much casual it has become for women, here you can see.

Head Of The Family

Before only men used to be the head of the family and they sit on the seat of the head. But as the time is changing, families are also changing. Now the woman in a family leading everyone ahead and our Bollywood movies and T.V series are also giving its good examples.

Sit Like A Boss

As girls are learning to fight for themselves, they are also removing the myths from the ‘so-called-society’. Gone those days when girls have to laugh, sit and walk in a manner, but now you can sit as you want.

Party with Alcohol

Before alcohols or cocktails are always days referred to as a- ‘Man’ drink, but now girls are also doing late night party and enjoying the drinks whatever they want to drink. They are having vodka and whiskey on the rocks.

I’ll Pay

I don’t know why there is mindset in Indian-society that if a boy and girl are going on date, then the only boy will pay. But now this is not acceptable, many girls pay bills whenever go on a date. No more dependency.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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