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While history is replete with famous inventors, who are also national heroes, in almost all the events they were just the first person to take the existing system a step ahead and to the final stage where it achieved a mass appeal.
But, little did we know that several hands were involved in the invention of a particular thing and that several inventions tamper, but no one ever dared to speak or put forth the authentic documents. Let’s have a look at these stark realities:

1.Galileo and the telescope
While Galileo is most often credited with devising the first telescope, it was actually a Dutch man named Hans Lippershay who had been designing the magnification devices using the ever distinguished qualities of glassmaking at that period.

2. James Watt and the steam engine
Only steam engines predated Watt’s system by almost 60 years. Englishman Thomas Savery invented the first steam engine design in the year 1698 with the thought of removing water from coal mines. Subsequently, Thomas Newcomen took the design a step ahead at atmospheric pressure, which became the standard design for about 50 years. Watt’s actual invention innovation was designing the engine with a separate condenser.

3. Eli Whitney and the cotton gin
It was the time of slavery in the USA, Georgia predominantly produced cotton which had some shorter fibers. The state of Georgia sponsored an engineering push to come up with a better design. Whitney worked on the roller gins by replacing the solid rollers with wire teeth.

4. Elisha Otis and the elevator
Devices capable of lifting people into tall buildings have existed since the ancient Egyptians. Elevators were invented when people became tired of climbing stairs, using either steam or electric engines which pulled up elevators with ropes. Otis mainly invented the safety brake, which would stop the elevator from crashing down if it was activated by sudden falling when a rope broke.

5. Thomas Edison and the light bulb
Probably, the greatest invention of all time. And yet, Thomas Edison didn’t invent the light bulb, yes, not the glass bulb, or the glowing filament inside it. He merely improvised the previous designs to an extent that they became commercially available, in 1880. The first electric light device, called an Arc-Lamp, was developed by Humphry Davy about 78 years before that, but didn’t have a long life as it was far too bright.

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