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If you think positive and stay free from stress, it would automatically benefit your skin. We all have learned by observing since age, that beauty starts from within. Whether you believe in enhancing your beauty by applying layers and layers over it, but the truth is that, if you are healthy and stress-free from inside, then only you look beautiful.

Isn’t it easy? It is easy to make your skin beautiful, but most of us become unable to combat stress that life throws towards. We should know how to fight that only we can resolve our external issues to gain inner beauty.

While clay masks, smoothing gels possess a certain level of aesthetic and soothing allure. Or if you do a solid skin care routine daily even without skipping may not be enough to provide the calm for imbalance hormones. It is a true fact that stress makes your skin battle inside so hard and in the result, it loses its charm.

We have listed 3 proven ways through which you can calm your physical, mental and emotional state.

Sun Stress And Exhausted Skin Defence

Before looking for correcting from inside, you should first look for a few physical stress that your skin has to face daily. Even if you are not stressing mentally, but your skin stresses yet. Whenever you go out sun and dust disturb the pH level of your skin. Overexposure to U.V radiation may lead to darkening blemishes, moles and even skin cancer.

But if you want to keep this stress far from your skin health, then you can apply a good layer of sunscreen having a good amount of SPF.

Inflammation And Extra-Irritated Skin

Inflammation and increasing irritation to the skin is the result that your skin is going through something very bad situation. In other words, stress makes harder for your skin to regulate and stay balanced. There is nothing to shock about if you’re having more breakouts and damaged skin because it is the signs of increasing stress level.

There is still a way to out from the situation, do what you like to do because if you are doing something that you like, automatically you will feel mentally free and your skin will start breathing again. Go on trips, join dance school or gym, even eating your favorite food will also help.

Increase In Oil Production

Whenever stress level increase, whether it is inner stress or outer stress, your skin oil glands go mad and insanely they start producing oil which causes acne.

Keep 5 to 10 minutes in your hand daily, so that every morning you can have time yoga or meditation. This will calm your mind as oil glands as well.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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