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A healthy relationship is a rare phenomenon now, the last healthy relationship which I personally remember is of my grandparents. There is no such game of ego and disrespect. The time they spent in each other is hardly seen in today’s date.

Well, if you’re into one of those relationships, you know what defines such a bond:
The major factor that you can see in such a bond is trust. No outside interference can deter the base on which it’s built. The souls are connected and they perceive each other way to good. That’s how the bond remains intact.

2. Honesty
There’s no room for lies. Actually, the thing is, you can’t lie. You don’t get that thing from within to not to speak the truth. Even if there comes an emergency that you have to lie, your partner catches it! Because you’re so bad at it, in front of her.

3. Individuality
In an attempt to impress your partner you don’t lose yourself. You remain what you are and she asks you to remain so for life. You do not lose your essential self in a relationship. You just become a better person with your partner.

4. Compromise
There comes a point when you have to give in to what your partner advised. You know that he just wants your well-being and happiness. In no ways, he’s asking you because of his own advantage. There’s is to be a mutual understanding.

5. Inspiring
A major sign of a healthy relationship is that you inspire each other. Your lifestyle, behavior, thoughts constantly prove to inspire and motivate your partner. He seeks your advice first whenever he needs it the most. Same goes along with you, you know that no other person is as good as him in suggesting the best.

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