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It is for all the men to learn and follow few steps as each year passes in his life. It’s good to live your life and try things you never tried but the level of maturity is important as you grow old. The way you showcase yourself reflects the level of maturity you follow your entire life. So 30 is the age when people want to see a perfect man in you, and yes this is a time you need to set aside your childish behavior and start acting like a mature person and this will help your entire life. Before 30 you need to leave all your kiddo things and give up few habits that you’ve been doing for a long time so that you can adjust your lifestyle to a matured level.

1. Not pursuing your passions
Whatever your passion is, don't let someone's judgment stop you from pursuing your passions.

2. Checking your phone during meals
Whether you're with friends, a date, or your family, it's not cool, checking your mobile just makes you boring and irrelevant.

3. Excessive drinking
It has to either stop or slow down to a minimum now because excessive drinking can ruin your personal and professional life both.

4. Not saving money
In your 20s you never want to save money but in your 30s, try to put 15 to 25 percent in your savings account.

5. Eating Junks
Try to avoid Junk food, add more fruits and vegetables in your diet; learn to prepare more healthy meals.

The 30s is the age that you have to change your lifestyle but this doesn’t mean that you will lose all fun from your life only the way of living will change and you will enjoy new things.

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