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History is replete with renowned entrepreneurs that have risen from the ashes of failure and defeat. They’re names are something that we all know and love and we often like to turn to them for some sheer motivation and spirit. But one name that stands apart from that wide field — a tech man whose name is enough to make you go gaga, yes! It’s none other than Steve Jobs.

1. He Persistently Made Values
Steve Jobs had this strong thing that he always wanted to create an enormous amount of value in the world. He didn’t want to do anything average, and his end goal wasn’t just to have more money in his bank account, he wanted to bring a change in the existing world and do something revolutionary.

2. He Checked On Every Detail
The thing which made Steve Jobs one of the greatest entrepreneurs is his attention to every detail. People have talked a lot about his meticulous attention to the smallest details, mostly in the form of scrutiny. But, not to forget that it’s the same obsession that took Apple on the road from going bankrupt in 1997 before he took hold of the grip again to making it one of the most valuable companies in the world.

3. Setting Goals
Steve Jobs was a staunch goal-setter, setting long-term and short-term goals all the way. This habit helped him to draw a layout for achieving his dreams, of creating good products that worked for the betterment, and of adding an essential amount of value to the world.

4. Trust Is What He Built At Every Point
Steve Jobs knew that in order to win the hearts of the customers, he had to build trust. During every point in an of the company he was involved in, Jobs built trust by concentrating on making a superior product that was flawless and beautifully designed.

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