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You might have heard many stories about spiders that how gentle and friendly spiders really are, but wait a minute have you ever come across the facts that can make you scream in terror. However, they don’t spill poison or anything else which could harm you. Still, it is better to remain careful, then face your enemy in the dark.

Here we have listed 5 creepy facts about spiders that will change your thoughts about them.

1. “Spider Rain”

You might have heard about the term- Spider Rain, but not actually believed on it. But it is not just a myth, it is a truth. A few years ago, an Australian reported that he saw spiders seemingly falling from the sky. That wasn’t the first time that the incident happened. Further Rick explains that “spider-rain is actually just one of the methods spiders use to get around”.

2. They can hear… even without ears

One of the species of jumping spider called Phidippus audax uses specialized hairs that detect particle movement. And this is the result that they can hear from at least 10 feet away.

3. A spider can survive in space

We can’t, but they can! If you think that shifting to Mars would save you from these creeps, then you are wrong. NASA has shown through several experiments that orb-weaving spiders are able to adapt to the life on the International Space Station. Even jumping spider can easily survive without gravity.

4. Female Red widows often cannibalize their male partners

Red widow spiders never fail to show their affection for one another but in a unique way. Michael Miller an animal keeper told that “it is not uncommon for the male red widow to force feed himself to his female partner by placing himself into her mandibles.”

5. Use hair as their defense mechanism

Tarantulas might seem as touchable and soft, but believe us that they use their hair as a defense system. I guess you don’t wish to keep them as your pet.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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