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All the actors, celebrities, sportspersons and also common people, all are participating in the 10-year Challenge, posting photos that compare how they look before a decade. Whether be it Bollywood star or Hollywood star all are posting their 10 years’ back picture with their recent picture and because of the involvement of stars this trend has become so trending and all most everyone is posting their photos.

But, one decade just fly so quickly and no major changes happens, what if we double the decade’s number? Let us check out how much or how scarily little, has changed.

#1 Mariah Carey

Still after 20 years she look same, she undergone through weight-loss surgery after giving birth to twins and became perhaps a slightly bigger diva.

#2 Mathew Perry

Doesn’t these two picture of Perry is showing a big difference in his looks. 20 years before he was so handsome and young, but he managed to keep his old charm with him…even twenty years back.

#3 Susan Sarandon

She totally changed, but her hair not. As she find a hairstyle that works for her.

#4 Leonardo DiCaprio

Twenty years back, he was too young like a sweet boy, and now he is a handsome-hunk. How he manage to lock his youth?

#5 Cate Blanchett

This Australian actress look so sharp than ever.

#6 Robert Downey Jr.

The actor knows well to play with the color palette that works best for him. These bright shades giving his current look a compliment.

#7 Jennifer Aniston

She might not have changed so much in 20-years, but lost those curls of her. The actress from ‘Friends’ is the most definitely a vampire.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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