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In some cities, the streets are not just a way to walk instead they are works of art. Because of the mind-blowing Architectural design and some customs, these streets are counted in the list of the most beautiful streets worldwide. These attractive pathways can be found in Kyoto, Japan, Lijiang, China, San Francisco, California, Burano, Italy, Cordoba, Spain, Chefchaouen, Morocco, Agueda, Portugal, Paris, France, and Ballymoney, Ireland.

1. Burano, Italy

The Street looks beautiful, as when you enter you will multi-colored building standing beside each other along the Island streets.

2. Cordoba, Spain

Calleia de las Flores in Spain is a narrow street with clear white-washed walls with the hanging flowers. The street actually resembles most in the Andalusian region.

3. San Francisco, California

Lombard Street in San Francisco was built in 1922 and it is one of the cities’ most site to visit. Tourist watch drivers weave through hairpins turns lined with shrubs.

4. Chefchaouen, Morocco

The Streets of this small and beautiful city are colored in the different hues of blue. According to the Jewish believers, they think by coloring the houses with blue dye, will remind people of God’s power.

5. Lijiang, China

The street is designed 1,000-year old and it is popular for neatly designed canals and walkways. The street will remind you of the traditions of China.

6. Agueda, Portugal

The street is beautified with the colorful umbrella canopy, every summer the street is decorated in this theme. The project began in 2011, as the part of Agitagueda Art Festival.

So whenever you visit these cities don’t forget to add these streets in your travel list. The unique art styles of all the beautiful street will leave you stunned.

Simran Bhatnagar
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