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Everyone loves going on vacations, but every time we all are making common mistakes that can be ignored if we do some research before going. All the mistakes start from when we have to wait long while standing at the Airport to plastic plane food, and instead of correcting we keep repeating it. Do you know if you chat with the hotel receptionist about the room, you can get even better with a great view of the same rate?

But don’t worry from now we don’t let you make more mistakes. Here we will guide you on how you can manage to ignore such mistakes. From avoiding sneaky single supplements to beating jet lag, we will guide you how to get the most out of your every holiday and your money.

1. You Take First Room, You Are Offered

Most of the hotels have much better rooms with great with (if you are booking your room in a hotel that is near to hill or Riverside), you can get a much better room in same price brand. Remember to ask while booking, chat to the receptionist and ask them to give them their best room for the same price if you don’t then you don’t get.

2. You Pack Too Much!

When going for the holidays remember to pack only useful clothes and do not overload with useless things. Many time you pack your bag till the end, each dress for every evening and heels to match with all of them respectively. But when you come most of the thing in your bad haven’t come out even. So be practical and think twice, keep your toiletries into smaller bottles.
3. You Assume You Have To Stand In Queue

Most of the time when you travel, you think that you have to stand in a long queue, especially at airports, bus ticket counters or so on. But, it is not true, if you plan everything you don’t need to overload yourself with stress. These days with the help of online booking, you can book your choice of flight, bus or train in your budget.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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