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Are you taking pride in being glued to your office chair all day long and tapping on your computer to get finished with your work on time, you should now reconsider this decision. If your workplace asks you to sit all day long then you should once go through the harm which is being inflicted to your body by this:

1. Heart-related problems
Heart diseases are one major effect of prolonged sitting. The reason being, our body burns the fat less when we are in the same position and the consequence being, fatty acids starts depositing in our arteries.

2. Body ache
Seems like you're often suffering from chronic pain in neck, shoulders, hips, and back and what could you possibly blame it upon? Yes! Prolonged sitting in a particular place.

3. A bad posture
Constant sitting exerts a huge amount of strain on your back added to this it also results in worsening your posture tremendously. Also, if you are someone who spends a lot of time slumping in front of your laptop or computer it will result in a poor posture syndrome.

4. Brain damage
Yes! A serious issue! Apparently, prolonged sitting not inflicts harm on your body but damages your brain as well. According to new research conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles, a sedentary lifestyle--which involves sitting for a longer duration of time--can cause thinning of a particular region in the brain which is responsible for the formation of new memories.

5. Weight Gain
This comes as no surprise! Staying glued to your chair would obviously result in weight gain as inactivity leads to obesity, so much so that it actually enters into a vicious circle.

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