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Himalayas are known for it’s ineffable beauty for it is surrounded by snow-capped peaks and jagged glaciers, but amongst this lies a quiet lake here that hides an ominous secret, it is believed to hide some 300 skeletons in its depth.

It's no matter of astonishment that the glacial lake is entitled as the Skeleton Lake due to the ancient remains and corpses that lie just beneath the water of this creepy tourist destination.Located 16,000 feet above sea level on the Himalayan mountains of Roopkund, India, the lake is a sight to behold. The ice melts every year when visitors flock in to catch a glimpse of the human bones preserved at the shallow bottom.

According to Forbes, Skeleton Lake was officially discovered by a national park ranger in 1942. Some 300 individual corpses of the human body were found with some still having flesh attached to them. The bones, hair, and flesh were kept intact due to the dry, freezing conditions. There were also some antiques recovered such as jewelry, clothing, and iron and wooden artifacts.Years after till today the question that remains is: who are all these dead people and how come they perished in the Himalayas?

Theories state that long before one ranger tossed over the sight of the skeletons, the story of the lake has been modified and passed on for decades. There were numerous notions including landslides, epidemics, and even ritualistic suicides.Folklore tells of an ancient goddess who's temper had an outburst when a group of travelers passed by her territory and damaged her mountain sanctuary, says The Vintage News. As a consequence, she flung iron-like hailstones towards the discourteous people, which killed them all at once.

With the involvement of technological analysis, it comes out that all of the bodies were killed by sheer trauma to the top and back of the head. This strongly implies that the group got stuck in a hailstorm that shook them to death as they traveled across the Himalayas.Curiously, this means that the theory that arrives the closest to the widely accepted explanation is the legend of the ancient goddess.

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