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The short stories by young women on the page of Domestic Violence Resource Centre India are spine chilling as well as an awakening call for all the victims of domestic violence residing out there. It’s high time to fight back if you’re facing something as bad as these women did. These stories are no less than horror encounters:

1. I felt like I was walking on eggshells around him because literally, anything I said or did could upset him.-Andrea

2. When I tried to leave him, he told me that he had a gun and was going to commit suicide.-Ann

3. My parents are Italian and are quite religious, they don’t believe in sex before marriage. I didn’t really want to do it, it was my first time and I was really stressed out about it. He’d say ‘I don’t think you really love me, because you don’t want to have sex with me.-Isabella

4. My friend had an abusive boyfriend. She and I had been friends for four years so I could tell when something was bothering her.-Samantha

5. That day I called my mum and then I left him, I was so ashamed. My reason for not telling before was so that no one would be angry with him.-Jacq

6. I began to believe that it was my fault and felt like I was in this rollercoaster that I couldn’t get off.-Kaz

7."We had our good times but once we were married, his desire to control everything became more obvious"-Jenna

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