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Today’s generation including celebs is changing the gym routine. More than doing exercise and sweating, the gym has become a social hangout and one of the places where we spent our most of the free time. Bollywood celebrities evolved the gym sweaty and tacky look to cool! From Disha Patani, Jahnvi Kapoor to Kareena Kapoor, they all seen in their best athleisure glam. Actually, they have started the fashionista-in-the-gym trend. Disha Pathani, Kareena Kapoor and many other actresses look so fresh and bright-eyed even when she is doing her cardio. There is nothing which lifts the mood than a good gym session, right?

So, who doesn’t want to look good and fresh while getting toned? I know while I am in the gym doing sets of squats make me feel good, but when I see my face it always gets red and looks like fire.

But our celebrities chose to exercise even in style. They do wear makeup during their gym routine, but they don’t let their sweat and makeup mixed. As the combination of heavy makeup skin with sweaty gives rise to clog pores.

Wearing makeup and not is entirely upon you, we don’t encourage anything of it. But a little bit hint of tinted lip balm on lips and one coat of mascara won’t hurt. If you feel good when you look at yourself in the mirror, more you will be motivated to sweat.

The fresh faces of celebs in the gym have once again changed many girls’ gym routine, they made us rethink about it. First, the evolution came when celebs chose to step out in their best fit for the gym and it became highly followed trend. And now it is the turn for gym makeup.

Your makeup-covered skin might clog your pores and give rise to bad face. But, luckily we have some product available in the market and online shopping that are matte, powder base and perfectly compliment your face while in the gym.

Never apply foundation, use powder instead. Give your skin matte coverage and add a little natural blush to your checks. Blush will make your face look fresh. Use curling eye mascara and pink or peachy tinted lip balm.

And you are all ready to step out with your fresh face forward!

-Simran Bhatnagar
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