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Many of us have mentally prepared about how our perfect partner should look like. He or she should possess good looks, be caring enough, understanding, supportive, sweet, modern, independent, intellectual and the list goes on. But one of the most important aspects we need to add on to this list is ‘emotional consciousness’.
Emotional consciousness is the ability of a person to be aware of his emotions; a state of controlled feelings. The person understands and respects his or her true feelings and does not hesitate to input them forward. To get a better insight, here are some signs of an emotionally conscious person and why they come up as an ideal partner.

1. Sense Of Self-Awareness
This kind of people take into account their feelings and thoughts and embrace themselves for what they are. In a relationship, they do not shy away in expressing themselves and this makes their partner develop trust and also develops a comfort level soon.

2. Concerned
An emotionally-conscious partner is compassionate and makes relentless efforts to understand you better. Whenever you had a not-so-good day, they would lay all ears to listen to your problem, ask questions, understand the situation and comfort you.

3. Not Afraid Of Rejections
They don’t mind being vulnerable and therefore, can handle rejection without bursting out. This does not imply that they are immune to feelings of sadness. But they are bold enough to face such a situation and overcome them with time.

4. An Undaunted Lover
Their past experiences might have been filled with sorrows, but that does not hold them back from loving all over again. They love their own selves and would step into a relationship only when the other person makes their life all the happier.

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