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When we talk about mysterious places where people vanish, Bermuda Triangle also comes at the first place. But do you know that there is also another place under the oceans of the Pacific Ocean which is famous for eating up people mysteriously? Yes, we are talking about Devil’s Sea, which is equally known for the stories of strange disappearances and paranormal activity.

Let us see what exactly Devil’s Sea is-

It is also famous by the name of Dragon’s Triangle, the Devil’s Sea is a geographical area located in the Pacific Ocean, near the Japanese coast.

The location of this devil Triangle it around the Miyake, an island lying 100km south of Tokyo. The Devil’s sea infamous reputation has been around for the decades, because of the stories of several ships dying there.

Paranormal Activities Recorded-

According to the legends, even the sturdiest vessels aren’t a match for the paranormal force surrounding the area. In the mid-1950s many ships’ disappearing reported along with the whole crews. From 1950 to 1954 it was reported that almost nine freight ships went missing in the Pacific Ocean. Allegedly, they all are carried radio transmitters and they never reported about any unfavorable condition.

After all these miss-happenings were going on, the Japanese government became suspicious and sent their selected team of scientists in Kaiyō Maru ship, but the team never returned as well.

Thereafter, the wreck of the Kaiyō Maru was later recovered, but the whereabouts of the 31 crew members were never discovered.

The name “Dragon Triangle” actually originates from the traditional Chinese fables which tell that the dragons live below the surface. And on the basis of these old stories, the dragon would attack the passing passengers and could eat the whole boat to satisfy its hunger. These fables have a major influence on many of the shadowy stories about the Devil’s Sea that ultimately went around.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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