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Eggs are mostly preferred by people in their breakfast, when they are intended to have light breakfast. But have you ever thought that people believe in many unstable facts about eggs too? And these facts are not true even. So let us find out the truth and see the myths about eggs.

#1 People with high-cholesterol shouldn’t eat eggs

Years ago doctors told people with high cholesterol not to eat cholesterol-rich food, so eggs were kept on the ‘not-to-eat’ list. But since then, science has evolved and a recent study showed that high-cholesterol food like eggs don’t have to do anything with increasing blood levels of cholesterol.

#2 Egg whites are healthier than whole egg

It is the most common myth among people, and this is the reason that they ignore eating whole egg, instead prefer only egg white. White part contains only 17 calories while whole egg has 72 calories, it contains zero fat. According to the experts, fat in yolk is actually a good fat for a healthy breakfast.

#3 Eggs whites are high in protein

If you are counting egg yolk out and white part in forgetting calories, then you know what are you missing out? “A white has 15 calories,” says Cohn. “How much protein and how many amino acids could you actually get from like 20 calories of anything?”

#4 Brown Eggs are healthier than white eggs

Brown rice are healthier than white, wheat bread are healthier than white bread, but don’t mistaken when it is about eggs. Color can’t tell you whether brown is healthier or brown. Experts never recommend eating brown eggs.

#5 Eggs are not meant for busy mornings

We understand that something in the morning we get late, especially on Monday mornings. But if you think that eggs are not for busy morning then you are wrong. You still can heat pan and break two eggs drop them on the pan and seasoned them. Your tasty breakfast is ready!

-Simran Bhatnagar
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