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Finding the broken hair strands while in the shower and then in the comb, every time you run a comb through your mane is much more emotional loss than having a physical wound. Dealing with breakage is one of the most daunting things, without known which one of the millions of reasons our hair suffering from. Are you using the wrong shampoo? Is your hair unable to stand against the weather? Or is it because your boss is giving you work stress? There are tons of reasons, but finding the right is difficult, but don’t you worry as we have listed five common reasons from which almost every woman’s hair goes through.

1. You are using more than enough oil

Oiling is good for your scalp and hair as well, but sometimes we unknowingly start using a lot of heavy hair oils on the middle and the ends. “When you do that, you have to use double the amount of shampoo to get rid of the oil, which further dries out the hair,” said Hiral Bhatia (the salon expert).

2. You’re using shampoo from scalp to tips

While applying shampoo, be gentle if you rub it harshly against your scalp damage the cuticles in the long run and takes your mane’s shine away. The shampoo is meant for scalp only unless it claims for the length too. Run your leather full palm from middle to end, this much cleaning is enough.

3. Never skip conditioner from hair-care routine

As after washing face, we need to apply a layer of moisturizer similarly after the shampoo washes our hair need conditioner. As it closes the cuticles and softens the hair. It can never cause hair fall. It should be used away from the scalp and on the rest of the hair, and then rinse it off.

4. You’re trying a hair-do in wet-hair

Wait until they don’t dry completely. Your hair is the most delicate at the stage that it is wet and tying them up cause breakage.

5. Or using the hairbrush on wet hair

“Brushing wet hair is not the way to get rid of knots. If your hair tangles too much, there are a number of effective tangle teasers and detangling sprays you can use,” advises Bhatia.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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