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Just imagine that you've come back home at the dawn from partying all night, only to realize you have an early meeting at work. You hardly get time to take a nap, which is utterly important. You just ready in all hurry, rush to the workplace looking like a sheer mess to face the wrath of your boss for not being prepared and presentable enough!
Apart from doing stuff to get over the hangover, you also need to look the part. You also require to know how to hide a hangover so you don't look like the creepy-eyed monster that is ready to fall in deep slumber at the office.We come up with three tips to fake looking fine without having to be fine, if such a situation arise.

1. Water A Savior
Little do we know about the miracles of water! Just set an hourly reminder on your phone to keep hydrating yourself. Drink a full glass of water before going to bed at night. This helps in preventing the puffiness that projects a hangover. You'll wake up with less puffiness. Hangovers majorly happen because of dehydration, once you fill yourself with plenty of water, you'll have it quite less or in less intensity at least.Now, you might ask as to how to hide those swollen eyes? A night serum would come to the rescue. A nice face serum for men will refresh your skin and regain the lost moisture.

2. Don’t Forget To Use A Moisturizer
While you’re getting ready, make sure to apply some moisturizer to jack the dryness. This helps you avoid the drunk face at work. Don’t believe us unless you try it. But, once you do, thank us later.

3. The Eyes And The Mouth Are The Most Important
Right after a long-driven party night, your mouth is very likely to stink. Make sure your brush very nicely in the morning and carry spray-mint to work. Pop them in right before a meeting.Your eyes might project all monster red in the morning. To stop the redness, get hold of a soothing eye dropper on your way to work. Also, you can skip it by doing a sunglass.

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