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The life of a beauty queen might seem like a glitzy affair but little did we know that there’s a lot more to the story. There are times when they are appreciated for their achievements and sometimes they get to go through the wrath of the audience. Let us have a look at some of the beauty queens who have been subjected to racial abuse.

1. Jamie Herrell
Jamie Herrell, a Filipino beauty had to face a round of discrimination on the grounds of racism which ultimately led to her walking out of Los Angeles Fashion Week. Jamie was crowned Miss Earth 2014 after competing with 84 contestants from all around the globe. Apart from Jamie, six Filipina models, including singer Kiana Valenciano and international Filipino designers also had to go through the same.

2. Angelina Flor Pua
Miss Belgium 2018, Angelina Flor Pua was thrown into racial abuse soon after she was crowned the main title holder. Many reacted in a negative way when she has crowned the new Miss Belgium last January 13, beating 29 other women from all over the world. Although most of the comments were critical of her there were quite a few positive comments.

3. Khadija Ben Hamou
Khadija Ben Hamou made her mark in history when she defeated 16 other women to be crowned the first ever black beauty queen. The glamorous beauty queen’s won mixed response on social media with the majority of them throwing out racial comments at the new pageant winner. Few of them made fun about her looks claiming she was not beautiful enough to be their representative.

4. Ariana Miyamoto
The beautiful Miss Japan Ariana Miyamoto faced several disputes after winning the title as people claimed that she was not Japanese enough. Miyamoto, who has a Japanese mother and a black American father, abused for being a "haafu" – a word referring to half-Japanese people - and therefore not worth winning the contest.

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