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This award-winning photographer from Transylvania, Romania has captured his love showing two seasons together on the same land. He is professional multiple awards winning drone photographer, who is showing us some of the beautiful features of the land. It was a pretty much difficult project for him, but the finally he made it happen, and the result will be in front of you below.

Covasna country is truly one of the most beautiful and epic tourist destinations. The country never fails to surprise its tourist with its mind-blowing beauty. The place in the country shown in the pictures- the narrow roadway and the forest having two seasons at a time, is one of the favorite places of the photographer. And his love towards the place is also showing by the pictures.

He captured the beauty from his drone and it is telling a whole story about nature’s beauty.

Let us see:

#1 Two Season framing two hounds as well:

No there is not that blood sucking or meat-eating hound, actually through the picture photographer is trying to show how these curved roadways framing the picture of two seasonal hounds with their curves. One is spring hound and the other one is an ice-cold hound. Push your imagination and try to make hound by the curves of roads, then you will spot them.

#2 Fairy forest:

Fairy tales are not real, but what will you say after seeing this picture. Will you also start believing that fairy forests exist?

#3 Seasons captured in a box:

While watching this picture don’t you think it looks like that nature has captured the spring in the box and don’t want to let it go even the whole forest has become white with snow.

#4 Wonder is here

See the roads of the country itself making ‘W’ and it stands for Wonder.

#5 Ekg of the seasons

Aerial photography is the only way to capture the beauty, as you can see more from the height. And this is the proof.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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