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2019 has set in with some fresh thoughts in photography, data from the biggest searches in 2018 can assist photographers, videographers, and other creative minds consider which projects will create a stir. Stock photography companies like Adobe Stock, StoryBlocks, and Shutterstock are looking to search data from 2018 to predict the year’s trends. Having an insight as to what images people search for also provides a glimpse into our collective feelings about what’s happening in the society, what events are most crucial to us, and the familiarities that bind us together.

Analyzing trends isn’t just about acknowledging what’s popular. “By understanding visual trends and becoming visually fluent, creatives can apply these findings and add fresh, timely elements to their own work,” Adobe Stock’s Brenda Milis told Digital Trends.

As diverse as the predicted trends for 2019 are, Adobe Stock’s all carry a same humanitarian theme for both self-care and care for the world around us. On Adobe’s predictions, Miles said, “I was a bit surprised by how holistic the trends are for 2019. At the outset, the four trends [Natural Instincts, Creative Democracy, Disruptive Expression, and Brand Stand] present as rather unique and separate. Yet when you take a deep dive into each, what you see is growing commitment among consumers to care for both themselves and the world, as well as growing interest to express this commitment publicly.”

To predict the upcoming trends, stock image company StoryBlocks finds spikes in the number of searches. “We see a huge push toward authenticity and inclusivity within the creative community,” StoryBlocks CEO TJ Leonard told Digital Trends. It’s the same prediction the company also made for 2018 that is now strongly driven into 2019.

Shutterstock’s top-three spotted trends for 2019 reverberate past design trends, modernizing some reviving retro trends. At the top of the list, shared on January 15, is “Zine Culture,” which grew thanks to search terms like “contemporary art collage” jumping by 1,376 percent in searches. The trend, Shutterstock says, mixes the homemade aesthetic of magazine paste-ups with a digital vibe. Paper cutouts, noise, and layers with clearly defined edges are all part of the trend.

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