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As the fight is in continuation over Donald Trump’s demand to extend the border wall between the United States and Mexico, one thing is very evident, whatever the wall’s effect on the immigration might occur, it would exert a serious impact on the environment of the borderlands.650 miles of the existing border wall extends over a 2,000-mile boundary between the two countries. Most of it has been built on integrated land where the terrain provides no barriers naturally. Trump has asked for a 1,000-mile wall, which would extend farther across land which is habitat to some important wildlife.

A Customs and Border Protection policy says the agency “will integrate environmental stewardship and sustainability practices into operations and activities.” But Congress has given the right to the agency to waive environmental protections like the Endangered Species Act.

It was in an article published last year in the journal Bioscience, which has been signed by more than 2,900 scientists, where the administration’s said that the plan would “threaten some of the continent’s most biologically diverse regions” by restraining free movement of many species and contributing to flooding. More than 1,500 native animal and plant species would be affected by the wall, the paper said, including the 62 which are listed as endangered or vulnerable.

Aaron D Flesch, a research scientist at the University of Arizona, said “You think a bird’s just going to fly over a wall, but that’s not necessarily the case,”.Animals need to move around in search of food and mates, among other things. A sudden outbreak of fire or disease, or the pressures of climatic change, can force them to look for new homes. And the pockets of the landscape that suit them can be widely dispersed.

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