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Exercising is the most preferred thing when someone is up to losing weight. Many people opt for different tasks such as- yoga, Pilates, dance, and so on. But, if you don’t want to try any of these and don’t want to give your body pain, we have some exercises through which you can manage to lose weight that would be equal to going the gym.

Are you not ready to tie your running shoes? Then read ahead, we have some easy hacks for you to lose weight.

#1 Chewing Gum

According to several studies that show you can lose actually lose 11 calories while chewing gum in an hour. And now you can calculate how many calories you are going to lose in a month.

#2 Fit by Fidgeting

Multiple studies show that you can get fit by fidgeting while working in your office. And you can lose 35o calories in a day, which is enough to lose thirty to forty pounds in a year. Imagine you can cut off all your weight just by doing this little activity.

#3 Green Tea

If you haven’t tried green tea, then you should soon. Because green tea can make you slim. Green tea burns over 180 calories in a day. But it can’t be done by drinking just a cup, instead, you have to drink three to eight glass in a day.

#4 Vacuum cleaner

Bust out the vacuum and drop pounds. If you choose to clean your house with the help of vacuum cleaner every day, then you don’t need to go to the gym. Because reports say that daily house chores can burn up to a hundred calories an hour.

#5 Laughing

Laughing as well can replace your gym needs because according to Vanderbilt University laughing in a day for 10 to 15 minutes can burn up to 50 calories. So guys star watching funny videos and surround by those people who can make you laugh a lot.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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