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Undoubtedly, you must be good at cooking but if you are not decorating your dinner plates creatively, all your hard-work might get wasted. Tasty food with nice plating make you win the game. If you are throwing a house party or cooking food for the first time in your in-laws’ house, your food in the plates should be presented in a gorgeous way, then only you can turn your dinner night into an ‘art of cooking’.

Pick up the tip which you find the best:-

1. Arrange food in odd numbers

Remember when plating always arrange the food in an odd number, as even number looks strange on the plate. So, whether you are putting fish, chicken popcorn, or the patties, put three or five and not two or four.

2. Use White Background

“Everything looks better using brilliant white china. When you use a bright white plate, the food really stands out, its colors seem more vibrant, and it makes the food more appealing. It seems simple, but it's true!”—Charlie Palmer, chef, and owner of Aureole

3. Play with all the senses

In creating the art of food, we must remind to bring a sense of smell, texture, our touch, and mouthfeel which will please your eyes. Many times people put fresh green leaves or red pepper just to give the dish a nice color, even the ingredients do not have to anything with the dish. Consider balancing the texture with the ingredients that you have used in cooking.

4. Channel your artistic side

“Using the plate as a canvas is key in mastering the art of plating. I like using sauces, sprouts and other garnishes to frame the focal point. It’s all about proportions and really following your instincts. Sometimes I need to take a few steps back to look at the plate like a work of art; sometimes you need a bit of distance” said Susur Lee, chef-owner of Toronto’s Lee.

5. Keep it Simple

Simple things can win more hearts. Plating totally depends on an individual’s choice. Plating for a birthday party and a casual dinner has lots of difference, for everyday plating you keep your plating simple.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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