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All athletes have been training themselves hard and rough for developing skills as well as the capacity of endurance, but ever wondered what are the toughest sports in the world? And what is that factor that makes them the toughest?
Many Olympic sports take into account the combination of duration and intensity. The super demanding sports require an intensity approaching the maximum level which utilizes 80-90 percent of total body capacity – for hours on end.
As the duration increases, so must the recovery. “We tend to neglect the importance of recovery,” De Vito says, which is a major factor that involves napping, but also proportionate nutrition and hydration.
Let’s get to know what these sports are:

1. Decathlon
Decathlon is “a classic example” of a tough sport, says Moyna. It has got to compete in 10 different athletic events. It requires all the fitness needed to compete in each event and is held over two days. The contest involves 100m, 400m, and 1,500m run, 110m high hurdles, javelin and discus throw, shot-put, pole vault, high jump, and long jump.

2. Marathon
“Marathon is running laps in 71 seconds,” says Moyna. Most people cannot even do a few laps, [let alone] 104 laps without any stop. If it’s a marathon, you should also take into account the effect of climate conditions and even pollution, De Vito says.

3. Boxing
Boxing simply doesn’t imply about hitting another person. “You need to move continuously for three effective minutes, holding your arms, avoiding the strike and trying to hit back,” De Vito says.

4. Water polo
Playing against a team while trying not to get drowned cannot be easy. “Your foot cannot touch the ground and you’re treading water nonstop,” says Moyna. “There’s no downtime. Every time you perform it’s at your maximal effort.” De Vito agrees.

5. Rowing
Confined to a small area can make matters worse. “The endurance and speed required must be phenomenal, and it’s all high-intensity,” says Moyna. He points out that athletes usually fall over at the finish line because during the last minutes it’s primarily anaerobic.

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