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In the year 2018, Toyota built some 1,935,230 vehicles at its North American vehicle assembly plants. Since the year 1986, Toyota’s total number of vehicle production in North America has reached above 38 million now.
Toyota’s basic motto is to build where they sell and buy where they build. Good economic factors such as low fuel prices, persistent stability in the overall economy and a good demand by the customers for trucks and SUVs were all key reasons for it’s increased production in 2018.

“Every part and every vehicle that rolls off the line reflects our commitment to safety, quality, value and, above all, our passion for exceeding customer expectations,” said Chris Reynolds, chief administrative officer, Manufacturing and Corporate Resources, Toyota Motor North America. “Our ongoing success is due to the hard work and dedication of team members at our 14 manufacturing plants in North America.”

The 15th manufacturing plant of Toyota which is a joint venture with Mazda is scheduled to open in Huntsville, Alabama, in the year 2021.
In 2018, five of the company’s 10 U.S. manufacturing plants had maintained a roll out of $373.8 million hybrid powertrain investment announced in 2017. The investment is also taken into account the implementation of the company’s Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Alabama, plant.

Many other aspects were included in the investment such as, production of hybrid transaxles at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, West Virginia, expansion of 2.5-liter engine capacity at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Expanded production of 2.5-liter engine blocks at Bodine’s Troy, Missouri, plant, production of hybrid transaxle cases and housing and 2.5-liter engine blocks at Bodine’s Jackson, Tennessee, facility.
Continuing the process of investments was underway: Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana, which is implementing a $600 million TNGA investment for increased production of the Highlander; and Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, where $1.33 billion is earmarked for TNGA upgrades and a brand new paint shop.

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