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Greek myths are really cringe-worthy. Why because, every story has got this flair of gruesome rape, incest, bestiality, and the actors mostly acting like total mess and idiots. It's a matter of astonishment that they're taught in schools because honestly, the lessons they teach are generally and strictly not the ones to be followed in life.
Here are a few of the most questionable ones.

1. Zeus was more of a rapist
Zeus, the king of the gods was a rapist. Now, the question must be how could he be a rapist? Take into account the story of Zeus and Europa, the woman after whom the continent of Europe is named. Europa was a Phoenician princess who was playing on the beach with her pals when Zeus happened to catch a sight of her and fell in love with her. You might ask, so did he rape her? Well, to be more precise, he disguised himself as a pure white bull, and when innocent Europa gave into him and climbed on his back, he carried her across the sea to the island of Crete, where he raped and impregnated her. Yes! He’s that creep.

2. The evolution of the gods of cannibalism, incest, and castrations
The Greek gods were messy as hell. You can actually call them the Kardashians of their day. There was all the incest and Chaos, and Chaos gives birth to Gaia, the Earth, who then gave birth to Uranus, the primordial sky god. Well, except Gaia and Uranus – mother and son –started rabidly incesting. Like so much so that they quickly gave birth to the Titans, the Hekatonkheires, which were 100-armed giants, and also the Cyclops.

3. Athena was sorta bitch
On the one hand, Athena was totally great. She was the goddess of wisdom and war, she created olive trees when she and Poseidon fought over the patronage of Athens. On the other hand, she was super unpredictable. When her rival raped her priestess Medusa you’d think that she went to bat for her girl, right? No, because Athena turned both Medusa and her two sisters into the gorgons, eventually helping Perseus kill them.

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