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Highlighting is now a must and become like a game changer. If you want the glossy and shiny look, just put highlighters. The highlighter is having a serious momentum right now, and they have become a must-have in your makeup kit. They are savior actually if you don’t have a blush or eye-shadow, you can use your highlighter instead. From cheekbones to cupids bow and even brow bone-everything looks better with a touch of highlighter.

Inner corners of the eyes are a small part in entire eye makeup, and some people also ignore them. But, they have an extremely high-impact on your entire look. They create the illusion of bigger eyes and can elevate any eye makeup look.
We have listed some of the celebrities below who nailed in the art of highlighting inner corners of eyes, let us see:

Blake Lively:

We say Blake as the pioneer of the trend, do you remember her looks with highlighted inner corners in Gossip Girls? She has been quite loyal to this trend even because she always fills her inner corner of eyes with a subtle highlighter, and we love how she does it.

Shay Mitchell:

Pretty gold colors of highlighters are so common, so the star ditches them and chose to stick to the champagne and chose to highlight the inner corners of her eyes with it. Doesn’t she look pretty?

Zoe Kravitz:

The actress like for going subtle silver shades to highlight her inner corners of eyes, and giving you another most liked option to highlight your eyes with. The way she defined her eyes with highlighting inner corners, goes a long way.

Kim Kardashian:

If you are looking for the tool that can add a little drama to your eye-makeup, this can only be achieved with the shades of golden highlighter. Take the inspiration from Kim’s makeup and try it in your next party.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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