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Social Media has taken your real life by storm these days. Some of us can’t even imagine our life without it; since we’ve got to share everything little stuff on the internet. Undoubtedly this makes us happy but the stir that it has created in our day to day lives is not something to take pride of.
Moreover, the teens are seen going into depression after suffering from inferiority complexes that they get from Facebook and Instagram and other such platforms. Since not every time they get the desired number of likes and comments on their pictures. There’s this mad rage of competing with each other in the social media as to who would post the best picture, who’d look hotter and more appealing.

No wonder then that a study titled The Good Childhood Report 2016, said that kids in the age group of 10 - 15 years who are spending long hours on sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are seen to be less satisfied with their appearance in comparison to kids who prefer to stay offline.

Close to 80 percent of the daily users were less satisfied with the way their appearance and were also more likely to get into a brawl with their parents. More than 44 percent admitted that they have a fight with their parents regarding this more than once a week.

These social media addicts also feel less attached and understood by people they come across with and are also more vulnerable to bullying.
We all know that teenager isn’t an easy age, and this study just goes on to validate that. But this problem isn’t just confined to the teenagers and it expands to the adults as well. If not checked, this might lead to a serious issue in the long run in terms of a healthy life.

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