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Gone those days when people don’t praise girls with dark skin tone. Today, in this diversity of skin tones’ world we have multiple colored faces from different countries. And today we see many beautiful top models having dusky skin, so in this era, dark skin tone considered sexy, glamorous, and beautiful. But, like all the other skin type, dusky-skinned people also need perfect touch up to bring the best out. The correct lipstick color can make you look fabulous, but if you wear irrespective shade to your colors, then this can ruin your look.

So, let’s have a look which colors suits best to the dark-skinned people:

1. Copper Brown:

The copper brown color naturally blends with the skin tone, and it looks highly appealing and sultry on dark women.

2. Red:

Red is the universal favorite, and it is also for the dusky skin tone girls. It totally raises the temperature and makes you look so seductive. Add little glitter on top of it and you’re ready to set the fire.

3. Rose Pink:

Yes, the vivid shades of rose are the shades that look like they are made for your skin. Charm your day with little creamy coral pink or rose pink and you are ready for the day out.

4. Taupe:

If your skin tone is little deeper the color will highly complement your skin complexion. This color is perfect for the dark skinned beauties.

5. Magenta:

Magenta is the louder shade of pink, and rose pink is the calmer shade, so don’t confuse! This shade goes well with Asian beauties, African dark as well as African-American dark skin ladies.

6. Fuchsia:

You can experiment with all the range of the color, from lightest to darkest color. This lip color adds mystery to the deeper skin tone lady’s look. You will look like a dark princess with the speculator shades of fuchsia.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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