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Human beings are the greatest creation of God, why because we’ve been gifted with the credibility of a mind and a heart which works in accordance with each other. It grants us emotions right from our inception. That’s the reason why most of us want to be emotionally connected or feel wanted by someone because as humans, we all crave for love and friendship. But there are people who seems quite anti and has the tendency to remain emotionally detached. For them, investing emotionally is something they cannot afford. However, if you go through these signs, you might be a step closer at understanding this thing better.

1. Not really affected by praise or criticism
Whatever it might be, a drawback or an advantage, an emotionally unavailable person often remains unaffected by praise or criticism. They tend to be less vulnerable and have a much better control over their reactions to any given situations unlike the one who tend to flow with their emotions in any circumstance.

2. Generally attracted to the one who’s emotionally unavailable
It is quite an understandable fact that an emotionally unavailable person would be cringing for being in any emotional relationship. On the contrary, it won’t be a surprising fact if an emotionally unavailable person gets attracted to someone who holds the same feeling and is equally detached from any emotions. One quintessential example of 'like begets like'.

3. They’d often tag emotional people as ‘attention seekers’
They often catch themselves criticizing emotional people and use words like ‘needy’ or ‘attention seekers’ to describe them. This would be the last thing you want in life, to turn into someone like them. This is a basic sign of an emotionally unavailable person. They would also prefer keeping of from such a person.

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