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Your liking or disliking for a particular color says a lot about your personality, be it your choice of color for your dress or accessories or also your choice of lip color too. It reflects on your personality as to what kind of person you are. We’re not talking about just your lips — your lipstick shades, too, speaks for yourself. Take a look as to what your favourite lisptick shade tells about you:

1. Red
Women who are more akin to shades of red are supposed to be fearless, energetic, passionate and liberal and likes to face no inhibitions. Applying a red shade indulges people paying a lot of attention towards you, you’ve obviously grabbed a lot of eyeballs by now if you’re patent lip shade so far has been red.

2. Pink
Pink is known to be quite a quirky color and is famous for it’s peppiness. If you’re opting for a pink shade, you are the girl who’s lively and active enough and a people’s person. Also, women who wear this shade are believed to be kind-hearted and also known to be cute.

3. Brown and Plum
With a blend of red and maroon, an undercurrent of red but still not visible, women wearing plum or brown colours hate a monotonous life and open to challenges. They happen to be quite a mysterious personality and stand out on account of just being edgy.

4. Nude
Those having a preference for nudes are transparent, honest and are down-to-earth. Calm and poised, they are confident about their looks and don’t want to overdo it with colours. They believe in simplicity and naturality.

5. Black
Black is nothing less than a gothic color, which can be done only by the bravest and the boldest. Women who loves black lip color are stubborn, difficult and are also difficult to approach.

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