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It was never women, on a serious note! Women are still easily approachable. It’s actually the men, who’re the biggest mystery in the whole wide world.
Like everyone, men have got secrets and off idiosyncracies which resonates in the secrets which they’ve revealed in Reddit.
All men will relate to these things such as, daydreaming nonsensical stuff and only responding to direct commands, things that can only instigate anger in the opposite sex.
All thanks to Reddit thread named 'what are some 'guy secrets; girls don't know about?' which has become a major hit on the social media ever since it’s started.

1. If you compliment my appearance I will probably remember forever.I still remember when a girl in college told me I look nice with my beard when I first grew it out. I’ve had a beard ever since...- 01123581321AhFuckIt

2. Many men have anxiety and/or depression but we will not talk about and will get moderately annoyed at you for bringing it up.- jamestar1122

3. Your chances of getting what you want out of us are infinitely higher if you tell us directly.- DepressedBard

4. As an older man, we don't expect you to look like a supermodel as we age together. Yes, at times I do see you as I did 30 years ago and every wrinkle and flaw disappears. Yes, there are times I see every wrinkle and flaw, and know how you got every one of them. They are beautiful too.- Duesizzle

5. When people come crying to us, our first inclination is to fix the problem.Since this is (often) not possible, lead with something along the lines of “Can I vent for a minute?” Or anything that signals to us this is just a time for active listening, rather than a problem solving session.-realbadaccountant

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