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Maine coon cats are so cute and they are undoubtedly the most majestic cat breed that ever existed. With luxurious fluffy coats, fine physique and character traits that make them very different and unique from all. Once these cats are grown up they can’t fit on your lap, and you have to wait until you see their cute kittens. These kitty cats have all the extra fuzz that a cat can have and more.

The history of these cats remains untold, though their ancestors most likely came with the ships of 11th-century Norsemen. When they completely grew up these fluffy cats can weigh up to 18 lb that is 8.2 kg, and gain the body length of 48 inches (120c).

This creature is well adapted to comfortably live in the harsh climate because of their shaggy coats keep them warm and they find it easy to walk on snow with their big paw. They are typical lap cat- coons are affectionate without being anxious and because of their highly intellectual trait, they are easy to train.

Here below we have collected some pics of these cute coon kittens because there can never be too much of these cuties, right? Let’s see the pictures of these cute not-so-cats, scroll down:

#1 The Angry One!

#2 What are you wondering, buddy?

#3 These cute 9-month-old Maine coon kittens waiting in the queue

#4 The Statue Coon… hello, are you listening?

#5 The Baby Coon looks like Einstein… so funny

#6 Aawww… The Cute Coon

#7 What Are You Looking For Babies?

#8 The picture perfect…

#9 The Coon Purrrrrfectly posing!

#10 Neo…Black Fur Ball

-Simran Bhatnagar
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