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America obviously stands as the world power for not just all the great reasons but also some of the notorious reasons. There are few American facts that are astonishing and some are definitely not. The USA is somehow a mystery place that is not always considered as a bad. Everyone in life has once dreamt of visiting America for, of course, the obvious reason of it being the greatest of all. Sometimes, “weird” can keep things fascinating. No doubt, America is a unique nation in the page of history. Some of the startling facts about the United States of America and US history facts are listed below that might be a bit difficult for you to grasp. Yes! These facts are no lie and are not many well-known facts about the USA and all the things and people in it:

1. If you got $10 in your hand with no debts, you are a richer lad than 25% of the Americans. How weird does it sound?
2. Hawaii is the only site in the United States where coffee is grown commercially.
3. In America, 40% of the births happen from unmarried women. Since it’s quite a cool thing out there to be pregnant while staying unmarried.

4. Apple possesses more money than the U.S. Treasury.
5. Most people have been traced with mental disorders in America as compared to any other nation. Every coin has got two sides you see!

6. The U.S. has the highest divorce rates in the world.
7. The Pregnant women in colonial America were not allowed to take painkillers during delivery because it was considered as GOD’s Punishment for Eve’s eating the prohibited fruit.
8. The best one, Valentine's day is also national condom day in the U.S.

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