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If you've just come out of a relationship with intense traps, hangups, or signs that seem similar to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), it’s quite possible that you were in a toxic relationship, or had an emotionally or physically abusive partner, and are suffering as a result.
"Post-traumatic relationship syndrome," or PTRS, is a "newly proposed mental health syndrome that occurs subsequent to the experience of trauma in an intimate relationship," relationship expert Dr. Tarra Bates-Duford, Ph.D., MFT, CRS, CMFSW, tells Bustle. "It includes the intrusive and arousal symptoms of [PTSD] but lacks the avoidance symptoms required for a diagnosis of PTSD due to a very different mode of coping with the traumatized state from that which is characteristic of individuals with PTSD."

Few signs that make it evident that you’re suffering from the same:

1. Afraid to make another commitment
"Many people who have been dumped or had the wisdom to leave an unhealthy relationship, often say, 'Time out. I don’t trust myself to trust anyone again. How could I have been fooled? Am I not good at reading people?' These people have become self-defeating and their self-worth is at a low point," life coaches Poppy and Geoff Spencer, MS, CPC, tells Bustle.

2. Feeling Worthless
"Being in an abusive or toxic relationship can create huge self-esteem issues," says certified coach Jonathan Bennett to Bustle. "Many individuals who leave toxic relationships feel like they are damaged goods and that they don’t deserve a chance at love with someone of higher quality."

3. Feeling relieved only to go back to guilt
"There is such a dependency that is created in a toxic relationship that once you have escaped, it’s common to wonder — 'did I do the right thing?' or 'was this really my fault?'" Dr. Josh Klapow, the host of The Web Radio Show, tells Bustle. It's this particular stage of mind many people get back together with their ex, just to make the discomfort and the guilt go away.

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