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This is an undeniable fact that most men out there prefer a fragile, soft, feminine women. Agree or not, but it’s considered for a fact that the majority of men would eventually pick a sensitive, compassionate, feminine woman over a strong, alpha woman any day of his life.
That’s the way it has always been since times immemorial. And that is what has been ingrained in our DNAs since the very inception. It has a lot to do with procreation and the purpose for our existence.

Even though our genes and the pre-historic times have prepared us this way, the question that’s intriguing is whether men have never wanted to be subjugated by strong women and are they only attracted towards the soft and sensitive ones? And what if they encounter a wittier and intelligent woman? Do they get threatened or are they intolerant of a stronger partner?
Luckily, science is here to provide us with something good.

One of the studies conducted by the researchers at the University of Buffalo, the University of Texas and California Lutheran University chose male participants and asked them if they would be comfortable dating someone smarter than them. 90% answered that they’d be fine with it, but when the scores were brought into the forefront, they were no longer equally interested in the women.

The conclusion was, men, seem attracted by women who are more intelligent and more competent at a certain level than they are, but only if the women are at a certain psychological distance from them. When it comes to dating them up close and personal, and it’s all about an intimate affair then it appears that men prefer to be around women who cannot outsmart them.

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