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Valentine’s Day is not only meant for couples, but you can also celebrate it with the one to whom you love, whether it is your any family member, friends or soul mate. The United States of America is the place where you will find unique ways to celebrate the day. And here we have listed 4 ways through which you can make your day special with the one you love.

1. Lovers’ Aloft, Nevada

You might have seen the pictures of the bridge full of lovelocks, do you know where it exists? It is in the city Lovelock in Nevada, it is also known as the “Heart of Nevada”. Every year many people visit the city to the small agriculture driven community to follow an old custom of the ancient Chinese tradition of locking their love. People in Lover’s Lock Plaza take the heart-shaped lock and lock it forever to chain the bond with their soul mate, family members, friend, or anyone else that is important in life.

2. Loveland Sweetheart Festival & Valentine Re-Mailing Program, Colorado

Loveland in Colorado is the place which is world famous as the home of the “Valentines Re-Mailing Program”. Here you will get the chance to watch annual sculpture shows. Every year, more than a hundred thousands of Valentines are packed inside huge envelopes and sent to Loveland. In this love, event volunteers hand-stamp them with Valentine’s verse and send them on to the intended recipients. This is a very unique way to celebrate the love day, I am sure you haven’t seen anything like this anywhere. This is not enough here you will find more interesting festivals.

3. Valentine's Ghost Tour of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I can bet you might not have heard about the celebration of Valentine’s Day like I am going to tell you. Valentine’s Ghost Tour of Philadelphia is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. In the evening ghostly tales of eternal love going to tell in front of the audience from the cold-heart and scandalous the romantic and passionate. This tour and all the story show is a 75-minute candlelight walk and tour inside the Powel House as well, it is the mansion where ghostly activities were reported.

4. Gretna: Destination for couples seeking quickie weddings, New Orleans

The unique way of celebrating Valentine’s Day in Gretna will sure make you plan the trip to the city. Here people celebrate by conducting ceremonies and renewals of vows over the anvil inside the historic Gretna Green Blacksmith shop. The ritual of celebration was started in the 19th century where an agreeable marrying judge, made the area a love destination for the couple who seeking for a quick wedding.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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