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Lying is an art! Not everyone can master it, and for the ones who did it, it’s really difficult to catch them as that’s what the mastery is all about. They’d seem like one of the best personality you’ve come across, as they’re exceptional actors, the bewitching looks and wittiness are sure to lure you away.
Here are the absolute signs that you’re along with a liar:

1. They're Charming
Good liars are manipulative, confident, eloquent, quick-witted, finely balances guilt and fear, and yes they’re hot. The better looking he is are, the more he can get away with. They’ve got this spell to enchant you with.

2. It’s Difficult To Verify What They Say
Whenever you ask to see the gallery in his mobile or other receipts, you want to meet their friends and family, something always gets in the way and it eventually never happens. Although they promise they will, something always gets in the way. You should know why? Because they're lying!

3. They Get Offended When You Question Them
They’d tell us the sky is purple and make us think there's something wrong with us for believing it's blue, and when we dare to challenge them, we're the ones who are landing in trouble. They’d be furious as hell when you would probe into their matters or ask one or two questions. They’ve got no answers and that’s the reason they backfire to cover themselves up.

4. Good Storytellers
This is one good trait that they’ve developed right from the time they’ve realized that they can actually lie good. They don’t lie, they influence you with their “vivid” stories that you can’t help getting swayed away from.

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