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Instagram is a kind of social media account through which we share our photos and it is a kind of polished photos’ platform, so if want to get likes, pull-up your sleeves while clicking and editing. Many photographers also showcase their talent through their posts on Instagram, and their photo quality and beauty is mesmerized by us.

All these stunning photos leave us thinking whether all these people whether have their own professional photographers and shoot studio. Because they do the best setting of which we even can’t imagine. But getting into this business (as social media is no more just a platform to connect with people, it has become something more professional) you need to have the knowledge about such important things for example photography, setting a set-up, editing and so on.

But this is not exactly the scene that it seems to us. Behind all these fascinating Instagram pictures there is tricks and the touch of creativity and knowledge of good editing. This can turn a casual photograph into a magical Instagram-worthy picture.

You don’t need to have any studio or don’t need to go to the space, instead with little bit use of your creative juices you can create outstanding pictures with grocery story to turn the background into dream-like, use your cushion-cotton to create the illusion of clouds, a simple ATM seems to stand for an automated time machine only when the camera is in the hands of a talented person to see the world differently.

So let us see how the photographer changed the meaning of photo-shoot by clicking such amazing pictures and what the reality behind it is.













Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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