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Yes, It’s none other than Russia’s Lake Baikal, which is also famous as the world’s deepest lake at 5387 ft. Its frozen avatar is nothing like you could have ever imagined. Photographers and travel bloggers from all over the world are getting their passports stamped to catch a glance of this beautiful phenomenon. Videos of enthusiasts are breaking the internet with them walking all over the lake surface. And that look is a sight to behold!

Travel Goals? Yes!
Exactly, that’s two human lying on the frozen Lake Baikal, this thrilling picture awakes all that travel passion in your heart and if this is not the most exemplifying travel goal ever, we do not know what it is.

Lake Baikal Is a Dream Land In All Its Sense
This photo of frozen Lake Baikal has us drooling over it. The visuals of ‘beyond the wall’ from Game Of Thrones are nothing in front of this. Nature has got its own sassiness and this picture is just proof.

View From The Top
This is how breathtaking it looks from above. We can guess it well that the drone photographers are having the time of their life getting the opportunity to capture this gem.

Frozen Bubbles
The freezing point is such that the water bubbles in the lake have frozen mid-way! Those white rings that we’re seeing beneath the surface are water bubbles. And honestly, I’ve got no words to describe this beauty.

Massive Ice Slabs
Seeing those giant ice slabs you will get a fair idea how thick the ice sheets at Lake Baikal are. This lake that contains 23% of the world’s fresh surface water has it frozen in slabs of around 15 cm, imbibing confidence in the enthusiasts to go walking on the surface.

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