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As this is the wedding season and since it started in 2018 till now it seems that the whole world is getting married. Many of our Bollywood singles get married, even Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas got married, and during all these wedding seasons Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor made their public appearance in front of media.

And while all this happening I was going through all the pictures of the latest fashion, makeup, jewelry, picture-perfect poses, and so many things. No, I am getting married… (not as early as you guys are thinking), but I was actually preparing myself for the flood of wedding invitations which were going to come at home. So, as expected I got four to five cards to attend this month.

But I have prepared myself for only one or two weddings (because I was that is for my friend’s wedding, and I can’t repeat my dresses. I guess this is also a very common problem among us… right girls! So what is the solution, how I can make my outfit glamorous and different?

Last weekend I went to a relative’s wedding, I picked up my simple red lehenga, teamed it with my black net-top and to complete the look I wore beautiful flower jewelry. It seems that I did a lot, but in reality, I got ready for the wedding in just 40-minutes (and I am counting my makeup, getting dressed up and hair, actually my hair don’t need much I just left them opened).

I bought flower jewelry to equally the balance my attire because my lehenga doesn’t have much on it and even my black net top is also a basic high-neck one with a little ruffle on cuffs.

These pieces of flower jewelry are easily available in the market and if research well, you can find more designs. Ok, I have noticed that people have a common myth with the flower jewelry, that it only belong to brides for their haldi ceremony. But it is not true you can wear this whenever you want in the wedding season, even if you are a far-kind-of guest in the wedding (like I was in the last wedding I attended).

I guess now you guys understood how you can carry your flower jewelry plus how you can glam up your look with simple outfits.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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