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Since the Valentine’s Day drama has already begun and the couples out there are gushing as to what different they’d be doing for their partners, I sit here alone in my room, locked up, savoring coffee and potato chips. Of course, I don’t have a romantic partner to celebrate this day but, nonetheless I’m happy. Happy for the fact that neither do I have to spend on some extravaganza nor have I to pamper anyone out there.

A lonely Valentine’s day is no less exciting. Obviously, I do have a Valentine, and that’s me myself and my food. No one is going to intrude between this affair; an affair which is going to last till eternity.

Anyone would come up to you and inquire about why are you still single and why aren’t you going for a date tonight; this is because those people cannot appreciate the happiness of being lonely or have never really thought of doing so.
In the course of all the tantrums in a relationship, beginning right from the tiffs to the great wars I’ve realized now that being single never single never felt so good. I’m not saying that I cringe looking at the couples on street now, but I’ve become sort of reluctant towards this idea of Valentine’s day to be only celebrated along with your romantic partner.

I don’t think so! Not at all, as I’ve got my lovely pet to be by my side and cuddle with me that day, also Netflix is just the icing on the cake. To make it more exciting (just to be on the safe side, to not miss my ex) I’d call in my bunch of crazy friends (single of, course) who’d definitely make my day.

Therefore, if you’re single or it’s been a while since you’ve broken up with your partner and you’re brooding that you’re going to spend it with the booze then, you might want to change your mind. Since Valentine’s day is also a day to make yourself realize that you don’t need another half, as you were never a half.

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